Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Serious Business

So I was listening to 'Story Time With Mittens'.

We were in yet another Fountain operation blasting away at various cyno-jammers, infrastructure hubs and what nots, when our Glorious Goon Chairman came on comms to entertain us by voicing dramatic excerpts from the IT Alliance CEO forums. In previous days the monotony of sovereignty warfare had been broken by 'Sing Along With Ducky', obscenely shaped spaceship conga lines and the highlight of DBRB's pet dog calling primaries. Without this sort of morale boosting silliness, I think everyone would have gone mad by now.

The above mentioned IT forum porn is available at Kugutsumen for public consumption. If taken at face value, the former Band of Brothers would appear to be in the midst of a messy fratricide, as it's leaders race to pin the blame on each other for failures in Fountain, while sharpening their knives for when some poor bastard steps out of line as the inevitable scapegoat.

Of course, such a well versed propagandist as The Mittani isn't going to leak anything that would show off Sir Molle and company in a good light. But even if he's being very selective, it still paints a grim picture of our opponents' morale. Additionally it confirms something I had suspected for a while now, in that IT Alliance has been penetrated to it's highest levels by our covert agents.

Deklein Coalition morale on the other hand is high, with the Fleet Commanders sounding confident and occasionally even blasé over comms. Their decision making seems to be consistently good during major operations, which I attribute to the quality of intel they presumably receive both before and during the big engagements. In the smaller battles and roams, it tends to feel different. They sound less sure of themselves, more wary of the enemy, and indeed it's in these smaller engagements were IT and it's allies have generally performed much better.

As the war continues, it's appetite for destruction is becoming apparent. The alpha fleet doctrine has already caused Maelstrom prices to rise, and New Eden's stocks of named 1400mm artillery are steadily dwindling. Thankfully however, there's been no shortage of enemy wrecks to loot for replacement artillery, and our own attrition rates have been low. Still there's a limit to how long this level of campaigning can be sustained both physically and mentally even when you're winning.

However the greatest danger we face is probably over-confidence. Already two titans have been lost in some what reckless endeavours, and only last night IT scored a fleet victory in LIWW-P. So as much as the old timers claim that IT is only a shell of it's former self, there's clearly some fight left in our enemy yet.

In the meantime this is Rebecca Aventine somewhere in Fountain, signing off.

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