Thursday, 27 January 2011


So I went on a camping trip to 6VDT-H.

The Fountain campaign has slowed down of late. Over the holiday we were busy bees, pulling major fleet operations on a daily basis, but mid-January saw us slacking off and merely deploying sedate weekend excursions into Z30S-A. This had two goals, firstly the permanent removal of the enemy jump bridge there, and secondly to defeat IT Alliance in it's favoured just-after-downtime-zone.

Unfortunately IT held the line the first time round, deploying a staggering number of capital ships and successfully defended their system. Immediately following up on this victory, they then attacked our staging system of B-DBYQ on the Fountain border, where upon they incapacitated our jump bridge and station services, and generally swung their dicks around in a provocative manner.

A week later Deklein Coalition returned to Z30S-A, this time with NC super-capitals on stand by, and ambushed the unsuspecting IT capital fleet defending the system. Being the earnest and dedicated reporter that I am, I of course overslept and missed the battle entirely. I did however rise from my slumber in time to join a reinforcement fleet to said system where over 1500 pilots engaged in the time honoured tradition of lagging the server node into oblivion. Subsequently SOUL CRUSHING LAG prevented us reaching our destination and whoring some Titan kill-mails, but from the gloating on comms it sounded like a significant victory had been won never the less.

In the intervening days between these major clashes, the enemy forces generally held sway in Fountain. In particular the J5A-IX and 3WE-KY systems were regularly camped by covert vessels eager to pounce on any of us foolish enough to travel alone into the region. And indeed, I was one such fool, but then jumping blind into gate camps is a sort of hobby of mine.

However mostly it's been fairly relaxed, with my corp Metanoia taking advantage of the lull in hostilities, to deploy a brand spanking new Caldari Research Outpost in MJYW-3. With a healthy number of belts and upgraded anomalies the system provides a leisurely retreat from the war, where I've spent several care free days trading ammo for Sepentis bounties.

Though perhaps it's been too quiet and relaxed. A fellow corp member voiced frustration the other day with the lack of progress in Fountain. In hindsight I suspect he was not alone. Last night The Mittani held a general assembly on Goons Teamspeak to address the present state of affairs, and talk about what direction the campaign would take next. He had expected a few hundred people perhaps to turn up and listen in. In the end he got over a thousand. The TS server itself threatened to collapse under the load.

Mittens delivered a short speech, and then made the big announcement. We were going to the IT staging system of 6VDT-H. We were going right now. We were going in overwhelming force to lay siege to the system for 5 long days, 23 hours a day and lock down everything the enemy had there. We would not be grinding sovereignty one system at a time. We would break the enemy in one single decisive action and take everything at once.

There must have been a lot of chomping at the bit going on over the last two weeks, because 5 minutes later 300 Maelstroms undocked, with equal numbers of additional support vessels. 15 minutes and several Titan Bridges later they were all in 6VDT-H.

The first target was the Gallente Administrative Outpost, which was encircled with warp interdiction spheres and Drakes. The Maelstroms then proceeded to the enemy cyno-jammer and took it down. Our capitals jumped in next, and in quick succession every enemy structure in system was either incapacitated or reinforced. Except for a few bomber attacks, the enemy had mounted no resistance. Staging POS were anchored and put online, and the stage was set for siege warfare.

All of this has happened before. Almost two years ago Goonswarm trapped the entire KenZoku fleet inside a single system in the closing days of the second Delve war, and it's basically the same stratagem again, with similar high stakes.

In few minutes time I'll log back in and find out successful or not this has been. In the meantime this is Rebecca Aventine somewhere in 6VDT-H, signing off.

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