Sunday, 27 February 2011

Fountain is TEST

So we won.

Following the siege of 6VDT-H the rest of Fountain fell into our grasp without contest. Those of us who roamed into Delve, reported no sign of the enemy. IT Alliance had vanished into the night, it's former members gone their separate ways. The war was over.

And so the rebuilding of Fountain began. Abandoned enemy infrastructure was dismantled and replaced with our own. New jump bridge networks were planned out and new markets seeded with ships and modules. In pure logistic terms, TEST has never been more industrious than in the last few weeks, and my own corp Metanoia played no small role. So much so, that fellow corp members have been telling our CEO to log off EVE and get some sleep damnit.

For all of this however, our new home remains a dangerous place. The Serpentis NPC constellation in the heart of Fountain harbours the hostile forces of VLAST and Godfathers, both of whom take great pleasure in hot-dropping unwary pilots, and roaming the region as if they own the place.

Truth be told, outside the US time-zone TEST are regarded as such easy pickings, that Pandemic Legion, Nulli Seconda and even Against All Authorities have been drawn to the region to cause mayhem.

And now Evoke appears to be returning to join the fun.

I had been on my to high-sec to put some Serpentis loot up for auction, when I stumbled across 30 of them lurking in the low-sec system of Oulley. Someone had already reported spotting a Titan on scan, so I took it upon myself to get a better look.

Moments later, the assembled vessels titan bridged out from the staging POS. This looked ominous. A little later they were spotted in the Syndicate system of 2P-4LS, and after dropping off my loot I sneaked in to pay them a visit. I guess Evoke must be feeling pretty secure in Providence, because they seemed to have brought at least part of their super capital fleet with them.

How serious their intentions are, remain to be seen, but this looks bigger than mere roaming gangs, and at only two jumps out from Cloud Ring, they're poised to strike at any number of allied systems.

In the meantime, this is Rebecca Aventine somewhere in Fountain, signing off.

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