Monday, 7 February 2011

Slow News Day

So I went and got promoted to Crazy Kinux's Blog Pack.

In my defence, I can only say it had nothing to do with me. Hopefully this is merely a temporary aberration that will be quietly corrected once everyone realises what a terrible mistake Kinux has made. I am at heart a lazy and confused individual, who only writes this journal in those rare moments of lucidity that inflict me. 

In the sand box that is EVE Online, you only get out of the game what you're willing to put into it. For some that means building space empires. For others the acquisition of wealth is a motivation. Some enjoy role-playing imperialists or anarchist freedom fighters. Others live for griefing the hell out of their fellow players. And some just like to indulge in flinging the literate equivalent of monkey faeces at each other on forums.

And it's all good, whatever floats your space-boat man.

Writing EVE Privateer was just my way of getting something out of the game. My character's default NPC corporation happened to be The Scope, so on a whim I decided to play a gonzo spaceship journalist and ran with that. Tomorrow I might try something else entirely. I might never update this journal again. IT COULD HAPPEN.

It's a joke. It's all a joke, mother forgive me...

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  1. Hey there, just found your blog through the blog pack. Congrats! I love the pics on your posts btw, really amazing looking screenshots you have there. Great battle reports too, keep it up!