Tuesday, 29 March 2011


So I went and left Test Alliance Please Ignore.

I'd had enough of big alliances for the time being, and felt the need to get back to careening around solo in search of thrills and excitement. As it turns out, I may have left early and avoided the rush, for all across New Eden a bell is toiling as the many pirate factions dismantle their sanctums and havens and relocate to systems with deeper negative security.

This means that alliance pilots based in certain regions will suddenly face such a dramatic reduction in income, that they will almost certainly bail out in search of greener pastures. Expect whole regions such as Providence, Pure Blind and Fade to start emptying soon, because no one is going to want to pay for the privilege of living there any more.

I expect many pilots will return to high-sec, or try their hand in exploring Wormholes. Personally, I'll be heading for Delve on the suspicion that this abandoned region is going to be very tempting real-estate in the near future. Until now Pandemic Legion have repelled smaller groups wanting to take over the former home of IT Alliance, by mercilessly hot dropping them with super-carriers, but with thousands of pilots looking for a new home that may well change.

In the meantime this is Rebecca Aventine of The Scope, signing off.

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  1. So you left TEST? Fear not, TEST will return to you! Delve has lots of low truesec, and TEST has lots of players hungry for sanctums. I predict we will be in Delve shortly.